Q: Are you planning to sell marijuana in North Andover?

A: No. The Warrant Articles we have presented to the Town of North Andover specifically allows marijuana to be grown at Osgood Landing for medical use. The marijuana that is grown in the manufacturing facility will be distributed to Massachusetts state-approved Medical Marijuana Dispensaries throughout the state. The product will also be used for medical and public safety research.

Q: What will happen to the athletic fields on the property?

A: The development plans for the property include the parcel of land that is currently being used as athletic fields. The owners of the property have always supported youth sports in the town through their donation of these fields and they will continue this support by helping to fund the Middle School Fields Development Project. 

Q: How many jobs will this development create?

A: Fully scaled, the new development could bring up to 2,500 new jobs to the town. Modern marijuana cultivation requires a large amount of precision care and accountability. As a result, up to a third of projected jobs will be professional positions requiring post-secondary education and advanced skills training.

Q: What happened to the mixed-use development plan for the property?

A: Since purchasing it from Lucent in 2003, the owners have invested over $15 million in improvements to the property and have pursued several suitable uses for the land and 1.8 million square feet of office, storage and manufacturing space. One of these potential uses included a mixed-use design in 2007 that due to several factors, including market conditions, never came to fruition. The owners support the current Town Master Planning Process and await those recommendations.

Q: Will the facility draw water from the town supply?

A: A state-of-the-art rainwater collection and recycling system will be installed to accommodate the majority of the water needs for the facility. In the event of extreme weather conditions, there is ample high-quality well water on the site that can be used as a back-up source. The facility will only draw from the town supply for normal potable uses.

Q: What security measures will be put in place?

A: State regulations require high-level security for facilities where medical marijuana is grown. Those regulations will be exceeded and approved by the North Andover Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police to ensure the highest level security possible.  

Q: Does this development offer financial benefits to the town?

A: Yes. Fully utilized, the property would contribute over $1 million in annual property taxes. The property currently contributes just over $300,000. Also, as part of a negotiated Host Community Agreement, the owners have agreed to pay the town a minimum of $2 per square foot of grow space. At full capacity, that could equal over $2 million to the town annually. The owners have also offered to contribute $0.20 per square foot for 10 years to be used by the Town for athletic fields for North Andover Youth Sports. This contribution could reach $2 million in total.

Q: What impact will the proposed development have on traffic in town?

A: Fully built-out, the facility is expected to employ up to 2,500 people. While this number of employees is a small fraction of the number of employees working at the facility in the 1980s and 1990s, there will be an increase in traffic on the Route 125 corridor. This increase in traffic volume will be mitigated through staggered shifts and ride-share programs.  

Q: What impact will the proposed development have on the town’s infrastructure?

A: When the facility was constructed at 1600 Osgood Street, it was designed to be entirely independent of the town’s infrastructure. There is an independent sewer main and a 50 megawatt sub-station on the property. These utilities will be maintained and upgraded as needed to ensure the facility will never negatively impact town infrastructure.

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